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Vista View

General Education

Main Office/Attendance Line: 720-972-8350

The Vista View program provides services to students in Adams 12 Five Star Schools that have been expelled from middle and high school for violating district policy concerning student discipline.

Vista View seeks to meet the academic and social emotional needs of Expelled Students in the district.  Vista View provides expelled students with academic instruction in mathematics, science, and language arts, with the goal that students maintain or increase skills in these areas.  Students will also work with a Social/Emotional Learning Specialist in small group sessions to help students effectively deal with issues/situations they may struggle with.  The Vista View staff work closely with student’s families through extensive intake interviews and continuous communication.  The program collaborates closely with Intervention Services case managers, community agencies, Probation Department, Social Services, and community mental health centers

Students enrolled in the Vista View program fill in gaps within their learning that broaden as they progress in school.  A student’s history often includes truancy and multiple suspensions that expand these gaps and creates frustration for the student making his/her learning experience unproductive.  Vista View seeks to re-engage expelled students and place them on a pathway of academic and behavioral success.  Direct instruction, one-to-one instruction, and On-line instruction provides students opportunities to build independent learning skills necessary for the workplace and post-secondary life.

Contact Program Coordinator Tiffani Gussman for more information at 720-972-5805