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Adams 12 Five Star Schools receives Helping Kids Grant

Adams 12 Five Star Schools receives Helping Kids Grant

Adams 12 was one of only 16 recipients of the the Helping Kids Grant awarded by the School Superintendents Association (AASA). These disaster relief funds will allow several schools within Adams 12 to work towards addressing the increasing social-emotional needs of our students following the COVID-19 pandemic, to include providing students with self-regulation tools and strategies so that they and their classmates can fully access their learning; creating safe and calming environments in which students can practice social-emotional skills such as self awareness and social awareness; incorporating mental and emotional wellness into physical education classes; and providing spaces in which students can connect with one another and adults in activities that increase their sense of connection and belonging in their school community.

The following schools will receive funds through this grant:

Cotton Creek - Self-regulation in PE

Coyote Ridge - Self awareness and social awareness skills

Malley Drive - Self awareness and social awareness skills

McElwain - Self-regulation in PE

Mountain Range HS - Stress and anxiety management

Prairie Hills - In-classroom calming spaces

Rocky Mountain - Self-regulation in the classroom

Silver Creek - In-classroom calming spaces

Silver Hills - Team-building

STEM Lab - Stress and anxiety management

Tarver - In-classroom calming spaces

Vantage Point - Mindfulness and yoga in PE

This story exemplifies our ELEVATE Focus Area: Social-Emotional Learning. Sharing stories about how the district provides innovative social-emotional programming and practices to students across all schools.